Ursula Goff, la colorist americana che dipinge i capelli come fossero quadri

Dalle creazioni di Vincent  van Gogh a quelle di Gustave Klimt le opere che ispirano la colorist Ursula Goff sono tante e si rivedono tutte sulle chiome dei capelli che lei colora come fossero quadri

Si chiama Ursula Goff, è americana e dall’Arkansas ha deciso di stupire i suoi followers su instagram, più di 86 mila al momento, con delle vere e proprie opere d’arte. Le creazioni che realizza sulle chiome delle sue modelle sono infatti proprio questo, opere d’arte, ed è grazie alle opere famose di grandi pittori come Gustave Klimt, Vincent van Gogh o Jan Vermeer che la colorist americana trova l’ispirazione per riprodurre su chioma ciò che vede su tela. Dai colori accesi tipici dei quadri di Klimt alla “Notte stellata” di Vincent van Gogh l’ispirazione non manca mai per la Goff e con lei lo stupore che suscita a chi la segue sul suo profilo instagram @uggoff.


Here’s one of colors I did that’s been nominated for the Behind the Chair One Shot Awards – an Andy Warhol Marilyn Monroe amongst custom colored (and sponsored) @vpfashion extensions. I really didn’t expect to get nominated this year, because I didn’t think my work was quite what they were looking for, and I even considered the possibility that my stuff was going completely unnoticed by them because, well, maybe it’s not that great. Maybe last year’s nomination was a fluke. Maybe I just get lucky sometimes. Maybe maybe maybe. It’s impossible for me to be objective about my own stuff. I mean, I know I usually like it, but that doesn’t mean anyone else will. And even if a ton of people like it, that still doesn’t necessarily mean it’s anything special. I always allow for that possibility. My main priority is enjoying what I do, but it’s admittedly pretty neat to get industry recognition. So thank you, @behindthechair_com, for appreciating my personal brand of ridiculous circus carnival hair. Makes my outcast, blue haired, former teenage self feel pretty validated about staying weird. AND, of course, if all y’all like this color scheme and/or you wanna do your own paintings on hair, then order some of these bad boys and use code UGGOFF so you can get a discount. I just used pink, yellow, and aqua to color them, and then mushed the colors together in varying combinations and dilutions to get the greens, oranges, and purples. I had to color them about three times, though, because there’s so much damn hair; be prepared for a workout. #extensions #Warhol #popart #marilynmonroe #rainbowhair #mermaidhair #unicornhair #stayweird

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It’s an interesting thing when you are published and have followers – you feel very “watched”. With that comes pressure to be this way or that, or to change this or do this or add this. Everyone has suggestions, and it can become a cacophony of noise that you can get lost in if you aren’t careful. This last year, I have discovered more than ever how important it is to have a great support system of people helping me to stay focused and who help me simply be who I am – who remind me of what I am about and help to silence the craziness of hundreds or thousands of opinions coming at me all the time. It then becomes irrelevant if my next big project is going to matter to the world or not if I’m still doing stuff that I love, that’s fun, that’s meaningful, that’s fulfilling. Will my next idea be cool? Who cares, if it’s fun to do! This is why my family – both blood and chosen (looking at you, @thegooniesofficial) – means so much to me. They always make sure that I’m doing me and that I’m having fun and getting better on my own terms and no one else’s. They like me the way that I am, accept me without judgement, and are a constant well of encouragement, positivity, and honesty. The above photo was mainly for attention so I can convey to as many people as possible how much I love you bastards. #hairpainting #paintingsonhair #thescream #expressionism #edvardmunch #goonies #g4l

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